EZX. Safe. Economical. Power.

With emissions friendly power gains of up to 60hp/130tq over stock for Ram, you'll love the added throttle response, adjustability on the fly, and fuel mileage increases from our all-new EZX inline module. As an extension of our original EZ box, this device offers you proven power/torque gains perfect for the daily driver and towing application. With control unlike anything else on the market, through an innovative smartphone app, EZX offers you value like our competitors can't. Calibrate your speedometer for larger tires, customize your throttle response, adjust TPMS settings, recall your tow/haul and exhaust brake button settings on engine start up, perform manual DPF regens, set a turbo timer and more! *Features vary by model year and application

Download the Edge EZX app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play

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2019-2022 Ram Cummins

  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Emissions friendly and DPF safe performance gains
  • Easily removable for dealer servicing with no traces left in the system
  • Excellent for daily driving and towing applications
  • Power levels adjustable on the fly through factory steering wheel controls, displayed on factory dash
  • Smartphone app allows user control over multiple vehicle features
  • Fine tune throttle sensitivity for each power level through the app
  • Calibrate speedometer for tires up to 40" tall
  • Remembers your previous exhaust brake and tow/haul settings on engine start up
  • Set-up your own turbo timer based off EGT's or time
  • Enable fog lights with high beams
  • Adjust TPMS settings
  • Gain up to 60hp/130ft-lbs torque
  • Safe for otherwise stock trucks and factory drivetrain, built in cold/hot engine protection
  • Compatible with standard and high output engines
  • Perform manual regen, emissions readiness tests, and clear DTC's
  • Adjust max cruise control setpoint
  • EZX + Insight CTS3 kit offers all those same features with added clarity to monitor everything going on under the hood

More Power and Feature Control is just this EZ

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    EZX In-Line Module and Smartphone app for late model Ram and Ford Diesel