• Locksmith offers remote ECM Unlock from the cab
  • Never touch the ECM for flash tuning support. No ECM removal. No ECM cross country shipping. No ECM cores.
  • Economy tune offers optimum daily driving experience with better turbo spool-up, improved pedal response, excellent passing power, and better mileage at cruising speeds
  • Choice of Light Towing (125hp/250tq) or Heavy Towing (75hp/150tq) to meet the demands of daily or weekend towing tasks
  • Extreme Tune (150hp/350tq) can produce well over 500 rear-wheel horsepower for an adrenaline rush and sports car acceleration you didn't think possible from a 3/4-ton truck
  • Calibrate speedometer for larger tires on a lifted truck, offering an accurate MPH, odometer, and transmission shift strategy
  • Remember Last Button Setting feature allows the Tow/Haul, Exhaust Brake, and Grade Braking settings to remain enabled on every key-cycle. Super convenient while towing
  • Adjust your Tire Pressure Monitoring thresholds (TPMS) to eliminate a low pressure warning light when running aftermarket wheels and tires
  • User adjustable throttle pedal sensitivity to fine tune your driving experience to fit your driving style (5-50% over stock)
  • Clean, safe, and efficient calibrations were developed on otherwise 'stock' trucks with thousands of miles of testing
  • Most cost effective option on the market to add performance to your L5P Duramax
  • Excellent option for those already running our Insight CTS3 monitor but now crave more power and features
  • Device can unlock and tune only one vehicle. Once the ECM is unlocked and flashed, the flash can be returned to factory settings, but the Unlock process can not be reversed. If VIN lock and ECM Unlock has been completed, device is non-returnable

Undeniable Power Gains!

  • Our 2019 test truck produced 378hp/882tq stock, with only the EvoHT2 Extreme tune added gained 147hp/362tq to the tires - that's 525hp/1244tq!
  • Dyno proven power gains competitive with those more expensive 'custom' tuning options
  • Our 1/4-mile track testing showed an improvement of 1.3-seconds and over 8-mph
  • Shaves 1.2-seconds off the 0-60mph times
  • Economy Tune (100hp/200tq) offers incredible daily driving experience with added power, better mileage without increasing DPF Regens
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    L5P Duramax EvoHT2

    Flash Tuning for your L5P Duramax GM 2500/3500 with the all-new ECM Unlock tool for quick ECM unlocking and flashing without the hassle.