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Edge Revolver Kit

All-new six-position Edge Revolver chips for the Ford 7.3L diesel can now be controlled by the Insight CTS3! Change the power levels of your chip with using the touchscreen of the Insight CTS3. These new kits will include the Revolver chip, Insight CTS3, and the new EAS Revolver cable that allows the Insight to connect to the chip. The six-position chip offers adjustable horsepower, up to 140 horses, using Edge’s Insight CTS3 display. Simply pull down the top menu and adjust the power levels or select the Retro Screen which allows switching between multiple power levels on-the-fly!

Up your performance for your Ford 7.3L Power Stroke

The biggest benefit of using the Edge Revolver chip over the competition is simple: Edge makes the BEST Diesel tunes. At Edge products, diesel performance is our passion. Every day we install cool new toys on our in-house diesel fleet in order to create an extraordinary driving experience. Our engineers build the products for people like themselves- Diesel Nuts! You can expect better tunes, better performance gains (level for level) and better drivability from an Edge Revolver chip than any other chip around for your 7.3L. We are proud diesel people, and we set out to prove it- just look at the dyno sheet!

How to Order an Edge Revolver Chip

You will need some information from your truck before you order an Edge Revolver Chip. First, you will need the “ECU Code” from your truck’s ECU. It is easy to find- just look for your ECU which will be located behind the Driver’s Side Kick Panel where there is a black plug that will have a sticker on the plug that shows the ECU code. In the case that this sticker isn’t there or the plug has been removed then you can look in the engine compartment where the main harness connection connects to the ECU. In some cases you can put your phone down by the connector and take a picture of it to reveal the ECU code. If you can’t see it then you may need to remove the ECU. There will be a large 4 Digit Code there that are 3 letters and 1 number. These “ECU Codes” identify what ECU is in your truck, and they come in groups. Some examples might be NVK2 and NVK4, which share the same tunes which would have the same “Box Code”, but have different ECM codes. You will need to give your ECM code to the dealer that is burning your chip, or buy the chip pre-programmed for your ECM code (or box code family). Here is an example of what your ECM code will look like on the ECM.
Edge Part NumberSupport DescriptionMaster Box CodeSupport ECU Codes
140017.3 Ford 95-97 Auto 6-Chip TDE1 LKM MIF NAW PRE PRY TDE TEE YBT ZAA
140027.3 Ford 95-97 Manual 6-Chip  MLE1 ALF AUG BEG GOB MLE SOD
140037.3 Ford build date 98 Auto 6-Chip XLE7 FUT GLF HPA XLE
140047.3 Ford 99 Manual 6-Chip  AWA4 AWA BDT CLB DYK
140067.3 Ford 00 Manual 6-Chip DAC3 BAW BIS DAC NBD QEK VRP VXY XPC ZHL
140077.3 Ford 01 Manual 6-Chip APX1 APX ZXG
140087.3 Ford 02-03 Auto 6-ChipVDH4 BXE KEK NWM PBY PRW TMA VDH VDU QLJ
140097.3 Ford 02-03 Manual 6- Chip AEB3 AEB GDU
140107.3 Ford 00-01 Excursion 6-Chip MQJ2 AVB EBM MQJ NMC UKN AXD1
140117.3 Ford 02-03 Excursion 6-Chip NQW2MAP NQW SHT

You can easily install the Edge Revolver Performance Chip yourself. Follow the directions included with the product for specifics, but for a basic over-view here is what is involved.

1. Make sure you do not have your truck’s key in the ignition

2. Find your ECU in your truck

3. Open the “J” port which is on the side of your ECM

4. Use the included Scrubby pad/alcohol wipe to clean any goo or dust off the port (Make it REALLY clean)

5. Hook your chip’s switch up to the chip itself

6. Insert the chip over the exposed electronics port

7. Run the switch wire off to the side

8. Cover the port with the 4×4 sticker to make sure the ECM does not get additional dust in it

9. Run your switch to the desired location and mount it

10. Enjoy your performance tunes!

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    The new Edge Revolver Performance Chip is designed for 95-03 Ford 7.3L Power Stroke diesels and can make up to 150 HP (Depending on Model Year) with up to 6 performance programs switchable on the fly using the included switch!