Evolution CTS3 For L5P Duramax

Unlock. Tune. Monitor.

ECM/TCM Unlocking, tuning and monitoring is now possible, right from the cab of your truck with the exciting release of Evolution CTS3 for 2017-2023 GM L5P Duramax. After the massive success of our EvoHT2 and Locksmith device released in August of 2022, we now offer the same class leading tuning and first of it’s kind ECM/TCM unlocking technology with the industry’s leading touchscreen monitoring device, the CTS3. Using our revolutionary Locksmith device and included unlock cable(s), the Evolution CTS3 now offers complete ECM unlocking for 2017-2019 models and ECM/TCM control in 2020-2023 platforms. Our Evolution for GM Diesel has supported 2001-2016 model years and sold thousands of devices, the addition of 2017-2023 L5P Duramax completes our Duramax tuning support to cover all model years. This is a complete all-in-one device, saving you time and money over the competitive offerings in the space when it comes time to modify your late model diesel truck. Evolution CTS3 offers massive power gains (as much as 150hp/350tq to the tires) with improved throttle response, quicker turbo spool-up, better fuel economy and user control over their driving experience, don’t wait and unlock your L5P’s max potential with Evolution CTS3 today!

You Don't Need 'Custom' Tuning

In such a competitive L5P tuning market, we have to be sure we're offering not only the best product we can but that we can compete. We already beat the competition by less than half the cost, but how do we compare on power? To ensure we are competitive, we had to test their stuff back to back with ours. In a field full of 'custom' offerings, our biggest message needs to be to not let our "out-of-the-box programmer" and their "custom tuning is better" claims fool you. We've done the research, we spent the money buying tunes from one of other guys and we tested them out on the same truck, on the same day, on the same dyno with Evolution CTS3. To say we were shocked at the results is an understatement! At $2100 for their ECM Unlock, flash hardware, credits and tuning we went into the testing just hoping Edge would be close. But the dyno doesn't lie and our Evolution CTS3 made them look like child's play! You can see it in the torque curve and you can feel it on the street, their Level 5 Max Effort tune just can't touch Evolution CTS3. On top of the final results, we shouldn't even mention how complicated their tune download process was. A laptop and wi-fi at the truck being a requirement made it a challenge, we had to have multiple different softwares downloaded, it took 6-weeks and over 100 emails back and forth with their tech support to get their tunes to flash into the truck and we couldn't justify the additional $800 for their trans tuning. At the end of the day, Edge just offers more for less. More power. More torque. A better user experience. In-vehicle ECM and TCM Unlocking. And adjustability to the calibrations, you can control yourself through the device at anytime. In our minds, there just isn't a comparison, tune your L5P with Evolution CTS3 and leave the competition in the dust and that extra $1500 you saved in your pocket. • Evolution produced +88hp/215ft-lbs more than competitor at 2100-rpm's. (437hp/1090tq vs. 349hp/875tq) Evolution is +98hp/244ft-lbs over stock • Evolution produced +12hp/160ft-lbs higher peak to peak numbers than the 'Custom tuners Performance' level did • The competitors 'custom' tune produced just +10hp/20tq over stock at 2000-rpms, that won't be enough to impress you towing your trailer • 2020-2023 applications include in-cab TCM Unlocking with 10-speed transmission tuning the competitor will charge you another $800 for • 2021 L5P test truck on the same day, on the same dyno, with the same operator. No changes made to dyno settings and we completed a manual regen between tuners to be sure both tests started with the same Soot Level in the DPF • Competitors 'Custom Tune' produced higher peak EGT's and produced higher NOX results than Evolution. So they made less power with more emissions output.
  • $746.96 for 2017-2019 L5P with ECM only support
  • $881.96 for 2020-2023 with ECM/TCM Support
  • 1- Download our Update Agent Software
  • 2- Plug the Insight into your PC and update it via the Update Agent Software
  • 3- Once update is complete, our Ignition Upgrade store will automatically launch
  • 4- Select the Evolution tune applicable to your model year and 'Add to Cart'
  • 5- Complete your order
  • 6- Our system will automatically email that your tunes are ready (10-15 minutes after order completes)
  • 7- We will ship you the appropriate Unlock tool and harness(s)
  • 8- Once you receive the Unlock Tool, you can begin the Unlock/Flash process

Do you already run our Insight CTS3 monitor in your L5P? Ready to take the next step and tune that engine and/or transmission? You're just an update away from big horsepower gains, better fuel economy, and incredible towing performance. Using our downloadable Update Agent software located under the 'Support' tab of our website, you can plug your Insight CTS3 into your PC and convert that device to this new Evolution CTS3 for big money savings when compared to buying an all-new device outright. You've already spend your hard earned cash on the monitor, why do it again just to get tuning? Our simple update process will deliver the tuning files you need right to your device and trigger our shipping team sending you the required Locksmith and unlock harnesses specific to your L5P truck. It's just as easy as plugging in your 84130-3 Insight monitor, entering your payment info, and updating the device right at home!

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    Evolution CTS3 For L5P Duramax

    Evolution CTS3 with Locksmith for 2017-2023 GM L5P Duramax Diesel