Power and Control for your Silverado Medium Duty

  • Simple plug and play installation, no ECM flashing required
  • Five adjustable on-the-fly power levels (1 - Economy 25hp/70tq, 2 - Heavy Towing 60hp/125tq, 3 - Light Towing 90hp/180tq, 4 - Drive 95hp/255tq, 5 Extreme - 120hp/280tq (Peak to Peak Gains)
  • Gains up to 135hp/300tq at 2550 rpms
  • Power on the fly, with improved throttle response and better towing performance
  • Speedometer Calibration for Tires up to 50"
  • Gained 2.1-seconds in 0-60mph tests
  • Command Manual Regeneration
  • Read and Clear DTCs
  • Uses Steering Wheel Controls to Adjust Levels and Features
  • Also works in International CV515 applications
  • *Top Speed Limiter is not adjustable in this application

Plug and Play for Medium Duty L5D Duramax

Our easy to install, Pulsar MD is an inline module that simply piggybacks the factory ECM. Meaning there are no wiring harnesses to deal with, no ECM unlock steps, no ECM cross shipping, and no expensive flash tools and custom tuning required. We've offered Pulsar for the 2017-2023 L5P Duramax market for years and have had excellent success. That technology now expands into the Medium Duty market to give your big work truck the low end torque and throttle response you crave. Whether you're towing from job site to job site, cruising the highway, or just commuting across town, the new Pulsar MD can completely change your driving experience. Better power, better response, and improved mileage. Power levels can be adjusted on-the-fly through your steering wheel controls and the device can be used to perform tire size calibration, manual regeneration, and even clear DTC's.

Tested in-house on our chasiss dyno, Pulsar MD offers real world power and torque gains you'll feel from the seat. With five different power levels to choose from, you can fine tune your engines output to the task at hand. Level's 2 and 3 offers great towing performance gains, while Levels 4 and 5 are great for daily driving getting everything out of that L5D we can. Gain as much as 135hp/300tq at 2550 RPMS's in Level 5.
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    L5D Medium Duty

    Pulsar for 2019-2023 Chevrolet 4500/5500/6500 Medium Duty L5D Duramax