Pulsar XT

More Power and More Control for 2.0L Wrangler

A Power Curve You'll Appreciate

When Jeep® added the 2.0L Turbo engine to the popular Wrangler platform, we knew it would be a big seller and offer a great mix of drivability, power, and mileage to the platform in places the 3.6L may fall short. As an inline performance module, Pulsar XT interacts with engine sensors and your PCM signals to enhance the drivability, power, torque, and feature control from the steering wheel controls. There is no need to ever touch your factory PCM and Pulsar XT offers easy removal with no trace in the system, should a dealer visit be required. Thanks to an all-new module design built specifically for the 2.0L turbo engines, Pulsar XT offers on-the-fly tuning adjustment through your factory steering wheel controls. With five performance tunes available, you can fine-tune your driving experience to be exactly what you need it to be. Whether you use your Jeep® as a daily driver, for occasional towing, commuting, or off-roading, the Pulsar XT adds power that you can feel.

More torque and a smartphone app for 3.0L EcoDiesel

Massive Power and Torque Gains and More Control Off-Road for Your Jeep Diesel

Pulsar XT is an all-new take on performance and calibration for your 3.0L EcoDiesel Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT. It's unlike any other device on the market with its innovative inline module and industry first smartphone app for feature control. Engineered to keep your factory PCM untouched, users can add up to 38hp/73ft-lbs torque while improving drivability, mileage, and throttle response. You’ll enjoy Pulsar XT's shift-on-the-fly performance gains, with five power levels changeable through your factory steering wheel controls. Pulsar XT also offers full calibration adjustment through an innovative smartphone app that allows you to adjust your speedometer for larger tires and gear ratio changes, TPMS settings, disable your Auto Start/Stop, command engine high idle feature and even do a manual DPF Regen cycle. For the Jeep users, our off-road features also give the ability to enable your rear locker in 2wd, lockers in 4-high, disconnect your Rubicon's sway bar up to 45mph and completely kill that Traction Control, Stability Control and ABS system for the ultimate off-road experience. The app will also allow you to check and clear DTC's, check emissions readiness monitors, reconfigure your lighting options, transfer case ratio, and fine tune your throttle pedal sensitivity in every power level to fit your driving style. Pulsar XT is the most advanced 3.0L Diesel device on the market and offers more features than the competition at a lower price. You'll love the way your Diesel Jeep reacts with Pulsar XT, we can guarantee it.

Download the Pulsar XT app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play

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    Pulsar XT

    Pulsar XT Inline Module for Jeep and Ram