An all-new look. An all-new Attitude!

  • New CTS3 monitor offers slim, sleek case with state-of-the-art swipe technology
  • 5” full color touchscreen with better resolution and auto dimming
  • Multiple gauge layouts, including on-the-fly power level adjustment on screen
  • 5 power levels for Mileage, Towing, Daily Driving, Performance, and Extreme power curves
  • Additional Hot Unlock available for some applications for an additional power level
  • Up to 180hp and 400tq gains, depending on application
  • Built-in safety features like EGT backdown, cold engine protection, transmission slip backdown and more
  • Turbo Timer for some applications

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    Juice With Attitude CTS3

    The Juice with Attitude is Edge’s most advanced product line. The Juice controls your truck's injection timing and duration to deliver maximum performance and improved drivability. Combined with the revolutionary Attitude CS2 or CTS3, the unit also monitors numerous engine parameters including transmission temperature, fuel pressure, turbo boost, EGTs, and many more to help maintain safe operating conditions.