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We're excited to unveil new updates for the CTS2 & CS2. As the most innovative performance programmers and monitoring devices on the market, the Edge CTS2 & CS2 deliver unparalleled features and benefits. Whether you're using our products for added horsepower and overall performance, towing, or some better fuel economy, you'll have access to the most up-to-date features to enhance your experience. Today's exciting updates include the following:

Maintenance Manager for CTS2/CS2

Keep track of scheduled maintenance and stay on top of your vehicle's service records right from your device. The maintenance manager screen allows you to set alerts and reminders to keep your truck running like a champ. Download this update to your device today via Fusion.

Switch Screen for CTS2

You can now control on/off power switches right through your CTS2 device when you add the EAS Power Switch PN 98609. You no longer need to use MyStyle to rename your power switches. Now, all of these can be named in your PID selection screen, once you select the new power switch option. Don't mess with wires or other clunky solutions to hook up your LEDs. Simply add the EAS Power Switch and engage your accessories on the most cutting-edge device on the market!

Screen Layout Update for CTS2

Want to know what each menu layout option looks like? Guess no more! The screen layout feature allows you to preview the options you are reviewing to make sure your favorite layout is selected. The screen layout screen is just another feature being added to give you the most control and style on the dash.
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