Edge Tuning for the 17-19 L5P Duramax Is Now Available

10 min read

Edge Tuning for the 17-19 L5P Duramax Is Now Available

10 min read

The new GM diesel trucks equipped with the L5P Duramax are heavy hitters in the light-duty truck world and are a crowd favorite due to their solid performance, great towing capability, and appealing new body styles. These trucks were also tough to tune via the OBD2, however, we now have full tuning support with the EvoHT2 for L5P. The EvoHT2 is a great tuning option with simple and easy-to-use interface, color screen with great visuals, and pre-loaded tuning offering up to 150 HP and 350 LB-FT of torque. Multiple power levels are included offering performance gains for all types of uses, including towing! To attain such potent performance gains, we’ve adjusted timing, duration, fuel pressure, torque management, and airflow to attain optimal performance while keeping the truck emissions legal.

The EvoHT2 product requires a simple and quick ECM send-in that is included free of charge with the purchase of the EVOHT2. Simply purchase the EvoHT2, then go to our online form to set up a return for the free ECM MOD process. We made sure to make the send-in process as simple and quick as possible. We will turn around qualifying ECM unlocks within 24-48 hours and overnight ship the ECM back to your door.

Evo HT2, PN 26042-S, Features/Benefits

• ECM Send-In required to flash vehicles original ECM (included in purchase price of device)

• Pre-loaded calibrations for easy tune flashing

• ECM modifications are safe, reliable, and compatible with GM dealer tools and flashes

• Up to 150 HP and 350 TQ To The Tires!

• Reduced 0-60 by 1.2 Seconds

• Gear Ratio Correction

• Rev Limiter Adjustment

• Idle RPM Adjustment

• Speed Limiter Adjustment

• Throttle Booster Adjustment

• All-new ‘Remember Last Setting Drive Mode

• Adjustable TPMS Settings (1-90psi)

• DPF Manual Regen

• DPF Mobile Regen

• Transmission Adaptive Learn

• Read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes


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