17-19 L5P Duramax Pulsar with Insight CTS3 Kit Now Shipping

10 min read

17-19 L5P Duramax Pulsar with Insight CTS3 Kit Now Shipping

10 min read
  • Up to 90 HP & 156 lb-ft torque
  • Change 5 power levels on-the-fly using +/- cruise control buttons or Insight CTS3
  • Built-in throttle sensitivity control user adjustable in each level
  • Speed limiter adjustment 98-140 MPH
  • EGT backdown (On/Off ranges 1000-2000 (level specific))
  • High-idle user settings to adjust RPM during idle (range 700-1100 rpm)
  • Transmission slip backdown (On/Off level specific)
  • Cold engine protection backdown (On/Off)
  • Gear change backdown (On/Off level specific)
  • Provides the ability to recalibrate the speedometer for wheel/tire changes (range 29”-50”)
  • Turbo timer settings (On/Off set by EGT (250-700 degrees) and/or Time up to 15 min.)
  • Axle gear ratio adjustments (3-7 ratio adjustments)
  • TPMS pressure adjustments (1-100 PSI levels)
  • Transmission relearn feature for new power levels
  • Display injector balance rates
  • Update for Pulsar is managed directly through the Insight instead of requiring a laptop

*Features are only available when Insight CTS3 and Pulsar are used together

The Pulsar is the most innovative performance in-line tuner to ever hit the market.  The Pulsar in-line module has made waves among truck owners and became a huge hit. Now kit that with the industry-leading Insight CTS3 monitor for advanced features and safety back downs.  The Insight CTS3 allows you to adjust features through the digital screen and change power levels at any time while showing you the current power level. The L5P Pulsar plus Insight Kit gives superior performance with complete control with the ability to change throttle response in each power level.


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