Edge's L5P Duramax Pulsar Version 2 Speed Limiter and more.

10 min read

Edge's L5P Duramax Pulsar Version 2 Speed Limiter and more.

10 min read

The Edge Pulsar has been a huge hit for the 2017-2019 GM L5P Duramax trucks for better power, control, and features. BUT you wanted more and we delivered. Now added speed limiter adjuster 98-140, TPMS adjust, manual regen, transmission relearns for the improved power you get from adding the Pulsar. We didn’t stop at just adding new features and functions we improved the transmission fueling to keep your power longer between ships improving your 0-60 and quarter-mile times. Check out all these new features below.

New Features/Benefits:

• Speed limiter adjustment 98-140 MPH

• TPMS adjust 40-99 psi

• Tire size 29-50.9”

• Gear Ratio 2.0-6.99

• Clear DTC codes

• Manual regen function

• Transmission relearn


• Up to 90 HP & 156 lb-ft torque

• Change 5 power levels on the fly using +/- cruise control buttons

• Connects directly to ECU in engine compartment providing instant power

• Built-in throttle sensitivity control for improved throttle response

• High-idle user settings to adjust RPM during idle (range 700-1100 rpm)

• Simple installation with no complex wiring harness or ECU flashing required

• Ships with update cable

For customers looking for performance, unmatched features, throttle adjustments, no traces of a tuner, and easy to install the Pulsar is your answer. The best part is these new updates are free for current owners and available now by simply updating your Pulsar with the provided update cable or with your Insight CTS2 or Insight CTS3 monitor.


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