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It used to be that turning a diesel required a go-between. You had to know someone who wasn’t just “good with computers,” but also knew the engine’s inner workings. They had to have a good grasp on how boost, fuel flow, exhaust temperature, and more play a part in engine performance. Thankfully, companies like Edge Products stepped in, bringing to bear their expertise and research and providing all-in-one products that relied on proven results instead of gut hunches.

Recently, Edge came out with the Pulsar (PN 22400) for the L5P Duramax, making it possible to tune these late-model GM powerhouses and take them to the next level. To get a better understanding of what Pulsar is and what it does, we spoke with Brand Manager Jared Venz.

Edge Products’ Pulsar lets drivers get more out of the L5P Duramax with intuitive tuning controls.

“The Pulsar is an in-line computer that connects directly to the vehicle’s PCM without requiring an additional wiring harness,” explained Venz. “We envision it as a high-end product that’s affordable and doesn’t void factory warranties. By connecting directly to the truck’s PCM, Edge has the ability to control the vehicle to optimize performance gains, throttle response, mileage, tire size, and more.”

Letting customers modify these factors opens up a lot of doors for truck modifications and optimizations. By virtue of its design, the Pulsar can calibrate the speedometer to accommodate larger tires, adjust throttle sensitivity, aid in fuel mileage, and more. But what’s cool about the Pulsar is that to do all this, drivers don’t need to get used to new screens, buttons, or interfaces. Rather, the Pulsar is controlled using something the driver is already familiar with – the steering wheel.

Upon installation, drivers have access to five power levels that completely transform the Duramax's capabilities. These power levels are easily accessed using the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel.

To be specific, the cruise control buttons are how drivers control the Pulsar’s functions. “The Pulsar offers five performance levels that can be switched on the fly by using the vehicle cruise control ‘+’ and ‘–’ buttons on the steering wheel,” explained Venz. “The active power level, from zero to five, is displayed using the speedometer gauge. Our Pulsar is the only product out there that allows users to change power levels using cruise control and not require extra wires or switches to get installed.”

At Level 5, the Pulsar offers astounding performance. Our dyno tests showed a gain of 81 horsepower and 142 lb-ft of torque.

With this kind of intuitiveness baked into its design, the Pulsar is definitely a one-of-a-kind tuning device. Venz shared that the Pulsar’s ability stems from it working full-time with the CAN-Bus. “It’s constantly telling the truck what tune file it should run,” he said. “Edge’s engineers developed a way to send CAN signals over the bus to the Pulsar from the steering wheel controls. This gives drivers full control of what features and power levels they want on their L5P diesel.”

To make the Pulsar even more effective, Edge recommends pairing this device with another – the Insight CTS3 (PN 22600-3). “Using the Pulsar in combination with the CTS3 lets users have full control over their vehicle,” said Venz. “We’re talking performance tuning, calibration features, and state-of-the-art digital gauge monitors all in one.”

To go with the Pulsar, Edge Products recommends the CTS3. This device allows even more features alongside the Pulsar, including Turbo Timer and wifi connectivity for software updates.

The CTS3, thanks to its built-in wifi capability, can run in the background and keep itself and the Pulsar up-to-date. Plus, it features the famous Turbo Timer ability, which will increase turbo lifespan and add peace of mind to the truck owner. “The Turbo Timer is designed to keep the engine running for a pre-specified period of time, or until a specific temperature is reached,” explained Venz. “Once this happens, it automatically executes a cool-down period to prevent premature wear and tear on the turbo. It also allows lubricating oil from the engine to circulate properly. This helps keep the turbo from burning the oil that would otherwise be trapped in the charger with the turbine rotating at high speed.”

If you’ve been looking at tuning your L5P Duramax, the way to go is Edge Products’ Pulsar. And you can get even more out of it with the CTS3. Be sure to check out Edge Products’ website for more information, and don’t forget to follow the company’s latest news on its Facebook page.


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