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During our buildup of Project TowBoat, we have upgraded many parts but something was missing. Although the stock headlights emitted enough light to get the job done, it just wasn’t enough for me. I upgraded to some LED bulbs offering a much brighter view, but to be honest, I still wanted more. During our trips to and from the race tracks, sometimes it’s late and extra lighting is a good idea. After seeing that Edge Products had a lighting line, and knowing their products are top-notch, I had to reach out and see what was available.

We worked with both Talia Spain, Marketing Services Coordinator, and Brand Manager, Matt Barker, on this project and they both helped tremendously in choosing the correct parts for our application. The Edge Products Lighting Line is coined, LIT LED. The LIT LED lineup is really all about high-quality light bars designed to be affordable, yet rugged.

“Our light bars are engineered with military spec breathers to handle fogging issues and water intrusion problems with ease unlike other bars at our price point that are sealed,” said Barker. With LIT bars, we set out to offer powerful lighting at affordable prices that pair perfectly with our performance products to help our customers enjoy their nighttime driving experience as much as they enjoy the power and features that our tuning products provide.”

So, you already have an Edge CTS monitor, DiabloSport monitor, or Superchip screen. Can these two work in unison? Yes. The LIT LED’s also come in packages across the entire lineup to include an EAS Power Switch. This power switch enables seamless integration to power LIT LED lighting in conjunction with any of the monitors listed above. Meaning, you can operate your lightbar from your data monitoring screen that’s mounted on your dash or windshield.

Not only does this light bar put off wild amounts of light, but it also looks great on the nose too.

The lighting comes in many different sizes, shapes, and configurations. In fact, LIT covers straight lightbars, curved lightbars, and square LED pods. Different wattages, single and dual row bars, and are all equally quality parts.

With the protective removed, you're ready to blast light into the atmosphere.

To be honest, we have tried auxiliary lighting in the past. We’ve done square, bumper mount LED pods, smaller lightbars, and just brighter headlight bulbs, but we wanted to give one of these lightbars a chance. After working with Edge, we decided to go the route of a straight lightbar inside our bumper where the factory tow hooks used to live.

The new addition is a 40-inch LIT LED 40 Single Row 5 Watt Bar. Straight out of the box, my first impression was, wow, this means business. It’s unlike any other lightbar I’ve seen. It’s aggressive, it’s rugged, and there wasn’t an imperfection to be seen. It did, however, come with a mounting kit, but since we were going another route on mounting location, those brackets weren’t going to work.

After swinging into old faithful, Amazon, we found a tow-hook-LED mount bracket system and snagged it up. This allowed us to bolt our new lightbar onto the brackets and use the existing hardware from the tow hooks to harness it down. In a matter of a few minutes, our lightbar was in place.

I am by no means an electrician. Luckily for me, this line of product is literally as easy as it gets when it comes to power and function. Using the supplied on-off switch and wires, I plumbed the wires and switch into the cab via the firewall. After that, it’s simply wiring the light to power and ground and making a single connection to the bar.

So, the lightbar is installed, it’s working great, how does it fare? This is hands down one of the brightest lightbars I have ever seen. It not only covers over a quarter-mile of ground in front of the truck, but it also has a very wide range of light. The light emits every angle possible and really helps with night visibility. I am incredibly impressed with this as we’ve run into some less than stellar products before.

The LIT LED lineup of powerful LED products offers unmatched value and function. With powerful, high-efficiency, LEDs, extreme durability, and great looks, LIT is the perfect upgrade for your truck or SUV to light the way. LIT LED lights can be used on their own with the supplied wiring and switches or they can pair up perfectly to your Insight CTS2, Evolution CTS2, or Attitude CTS2 with the Power Switch kits.

If you’re thinking about upgrading to a lightbar, square pod, or any sort of exterior lighting, be sure and check out the lights from Edge Products. We can’t thank everyone at Edge for the continuous help on this project and look forward to seeing what they come up with next. What do you think about these light bars? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Diesel Army for the latest parts hitting the market in the industry.


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