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Edge is excited to extend additional gas GMC and Chevrolet SUV coverage for three of the best products on the market! Edge offers best-in-class features, improved MPGs, and added performance across the RPM band. Check out our new 2019 Chevy/GMC coverage for the 5.3L and 6.2L SUVs.

Gas truck and SUV coverage is now “live” for 2019 Chevy/GMC applications on the Evolution CS2 (PN 85350)/CTS2 (PN 85450) & EvoHT2 (GM PN 26040). Offering the latest and greatest applications is just as important as delivering the power and features for which Edge is well-known!

2019 Chevy/GMC Gas Release Details:

Power Gains: (4 total performance settings outlined below):

5.3L Stock w/ Options, 8 HP & 10 lb-ft, 8 HP & 10 lb-ft, and 16 HP & 20 lb-ft

6.2L Stock w/ Options, 13 HP & 18 lb-ft, 13 HP & 18 lb-ft, and 20 HP & 20 lb-ft

Key Features:

  • Performance tuning for mileage, towing, daily driving, and power
  • Add up to an additional 20 HP & 20 lb-ft TQ*
  • Speed limiter options
  • AFM on/off
  • Gear Ratio 2.5-6
  • Tire size calibration adjustment 26" - 45"

Make sure and configure your truck with our vehicle lookup tool to see all the products we have to offer. Edge is known for tuning trucks and now we offer intakes, exhaust, and more!

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