2015-2016 FORD F-150 2.7L ECOBOOST

10 min read

2015-2016 FORD F-150 2.7L ECOBOOST

10 min read

Customers have asked and Edge has listened, engineered, and now delivered 2015-2016 Ford F-150 2.7L Ecoboost support for the gas Evolution CS2/CTS2 and EvoHT2! We’re excited to include this coverage to our extensive lineup. The gas truck market is growing and Edge is pleased to continue engineering additional gas coverage for our tuning portfolio. As you know, Edge is simply the best when it comes to performance, reliability, and delivering meaningful results for your everyday drive.

Performance is part of our DNA here at Edge. Visit us online to review all the performance gains, power levels, and custom options included with today’s release. Thanks for your loyalty to Edge Products!

Max Gains:

+ 40 HP & 70 LB-FT TQ

Power Levels:

  • Economy
  • Towing
  • Race

Custom Options:

  • Rev Limiter (Stock/Raised)
  • Speed Limiter (45-150)
  • Fan Temp (Stock/Lowered)
  • Torque Management (OFF/ON)
  • Spark Ad (-4 degrees to +2 degrees)
  • Tire Size (26-38 inch)
  • Gear Ratio (3.15-3.73)

If your looking to improve your driveability, throttle response, MPG, power, eliminate downshifting, and overall driving experience for your gas motor then check out EvoHT2 or Evolution Today. These products give you the extraordinary driving experience your missing!


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