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Check out how Edge-sponsored sled pull trucks fared at the Rocky Mountain Diesel Shootout:

What a weekend… We spent a few days at Industrial Injection fine-tuning both trucks for this event. On Friday we were able to get both trucks on the track! Blue truck, while needing some more fine-tuning, was able to spit out an 11.9 pass at 131mph. She was sluggish on the line but as soon as she lit, she took off. We're adjusting a few things and will be gearing up for a few more passes this weekend at the NHRDA event Billings. Due to some issues, the arose from the drag racing we weren't able to dyno Saturday, for fear of damaging more.

The Red truck also had a chance to take a run at the track for the first time. With a major issue with the transfer case, he wasn’t able to get traction but was still able to make few runs. Saturday was much better for the old red, winning 1st place in the single class with 988hp, and 2nd place in the unlimited class with a surprising 1345hp! This will also get another chance at the drag strip this Saturday. We'll see what our efforts produce!

The tow truck decided to lighten the deer population with its front bumper, so don’t look in that area. haha!

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