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When it comes to our very own Project Diesel Chase, we want to bring you the best products on the market and show you how they perform in the real world. This time around, we went ahead and installed the Juice with Attitude CTS2 by Edge Products. This tuner features state-of-the-art technology with a new sleek and slim design.

Numbers don’t lie. We gained some impressive power numbers on our Dodge Ram when we strapped it to our Dynojet Research dynamometer, but the background of the device was worth delving into and learning more about. Helping us understand the device was Edge’s Matt Barker.

The Juice with Attitude CTS2 allows for complete tuning inside of the cabin with a high-resolution, 5-inch color touchscreen. The Attitude CTS2 has five separate tunes that can be changed on the fly, including Mileage, Tow, Drive, Race, and Extreme. For an additional fee, a sixth tune can be unlocked which is labeled “Hot Unlock.”

“Hot Unlock sounds like what it is,” said Barker. “It is a hot level, or in other words, a high-performance tune that we don’t enable right out of the box. It’s not for the faint of heart!”

Built into the CTS2 is the ability to monitor several parameters. These allow the driver to check on vitals for the engine, transmission, fuel system, and beyond. There is even an available screen that measures the angle of your vehicle for off-roading purposes; a quick calibration session needs to be dialed in first.

“With the monitoring capabilities of the CTS2, users will gain the insight into how their vehicle is running and, in some cases, help prevent costly repair bills by giving a heads-up when issues may arise,” said Barker.

Some of the other features on this CTS2 include fully customizable backgrounds, a quick plug for power and linking Electronic Accessory System (EAS) units, and one-touch easy menu navigation. All navigation is done with the tap or swipe of your finger. “Switching back and forth in the CTS2 can be done with ease,” commented Barker.

Check out the full article, see the full install, and see the results for this build visit We want to say thanks again to Off Road Xtreme and team for letting us be part of this build!

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