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Edge has rolled out coverage for the 2016 F-150! The extended application support will include the 3.5L, 3.5L EcoBoost, and 5.0L engines for the 16 model year. The F-150 has established itself as the best-selling half ton pickup in the country. Product support now includes the following:

Edge Gas Evolution CS2 PN 85350

Edge Gas Evolution CTS2 PN 85450

Edge EvoHT2 PN 16040

Customers from all walks of life can see numerous benefits from tuning their truck with Edge....but why tune a brand new truck?

We answer this question frequently. What we oftentimes realize is that customers aren't necessarily worried about the features offered, but the warranty on their vehicle. At Edge we test and tune on stock vehicles. We understand the investment people make when they purchase a truck. Edge has not built a reputation around disabling vehicles - quite the contrary. Our team is well aware of the limits when it comes to packaging a safe, smart power. In addition to providing meaningful power and impressive features to optimize shift patterns and fuel consumption, we want the customer to feel comfortable with using our products. This means detailed instructions are included with every unit, we have dedicated tech support team on hand 12 hrs a day, and we stand behind our products. Talk is cheap when you're touching someone's vehicle. People need to get to work, drop the kids, take trips, etc. Their livelihood often depends on their vehicle. Consumers curious about warranty should also review the Magnusson Moss Warranty Act.

We create an extraordinary driving experience for people that simply use their truck for daily driving, towing, or all of the above. What surprises most people, in addition to added performance throughout the RPM band, is ease of install and use. The word "tuning" can lead people to believe they are popping the hood and turning wrenches. Not on the 2016 F-150, or any of Edge's gas coverage for that matter. All tuning is delivered via the trucks' OBDII port. Our plug and play technology makes it easy for anyone to tune their truck regardless of how familiar they are with the mechanical aspect of their vehicle.

With the 2016 F-150 coverage customers can expect up to an additional 43HP at the rear wheels and somewhere in the ballpark of 1 to 1.5 more MPG. Fuel savings varies from customer to customer and can oftentimes depend on driving patterns, elevation, and payload. What Edge can tell you is that we've loaded our gas tuning products with tuning levels designed to package power with added effienciency. You can switch between tunes to find the best fit for your driving patterns and needs.

Learn more about the products referenced above in today's release and cruise the site to find which product may be best for your vehicle. Edge Products are available from dealers across the country and you can locate one of our authorized re-sellers near you today.

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