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The Amp’d Throttle Sensitivity Booster has quickly become one of the most popular and trusted upgrades on the market today for cars, trucks, and Jeeps®. Today, we are pleased to announce that the 2020 Jeep® JT Gladiator is now covered on this exciting product line. Please see below for Amp’d key features and new SKUs (PNs 48858-JT and 48868-JT) associated with today’s announcement for the exciting, and all-new, JT Gladiator.

Amp’d Key Features:

  • Improves Throttle Sensitivity
  • Faster Acceleration from a stop, and throughout the RPM band
  • Reduces that laggy pedal feeling
  • Quicker spool-up
  • Optimize driving in town and on the highway
  • Push-button control*
  • 6-modes*
  • Amp'd w/out Switch (PN 48858-JT): Stock, 50% increase, 100% increase
  • Amp'd With Switch (PN 48868-JT): Stock, Low 50% increase, Medium 75% increase, High 100% increase, Valet Mode, “FEEL THE POWER” mode 400%
  • Easy installation

*Switch PN only. Amp’d is available with an optional switch that unlocks even more functionality and fun. The switch enables 6 total throttle sensitivity levels, as opposed to just 2 levels, for your driving pleasure. Essentially, the switch is a value-oriented upgrade for Amp’d really create a complete user-controlled experience for any type of driving preference.

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