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Transform your Insight into a fully functional Evolution programmer! The Evolution Upgrade adds performance levels to your monitor that are designed for mileage, towing, daily driving or all out power! Or, if custom tuning is your goal, upgrade your Insight to the new Insight Pro! Now you can add performance tuning potential to your Insight CS2 or CTS2! We’ve made this process extremely simple and have outlined answers to some common questions on how to add power to your Insight.


Download Edge’s Fusion Update Software

Open Fusion and plug your product in using the USB plug and update it.

The device will either give you the options to upgrade or it will tell you it is up to date.

Once your update is completed give our tech support team a call at 801-476-3343 please have your serial number of the device and your email you used to register your Fusion account.

The techs will charge you over the phone for the upgrade option you want.

Once charge you will be instructed to plug your device back into Fusion to update again.

Once the Fusion update is complete you will now have your CS2 or CTS2 product changed from one product line to another.


If you’re looking for a product to improve throttle response, that extra power when towing, race down the track, increase fuel economy, or to just improve the overall drivability of your truck then the Evolution is a great option. Not only do you get these increase performance features but you get a monitor that offers a clean simple solution for gauges like EGT (exhaust gas temperature), Boost readings, transmission temp, load percent, percentage of fuel left, and more with the expandability to even add more with our EAS (expandable accessory system). Want to learn more about what the Evolution can do for your truck? Configure your vehicle and view all the detailed information on what it can do for your truck.


  • Insight CS2 to Diesel Evolution CS2 = $200
  • Insight CS2 to Gas Evolution CS2 = $150
  • Insight CTS2 to Diesel Evolution CTS2 = $250
  • Insight CTS2 to Gas Evolution CTS2 = $170
  • Insight CS2 to Insight Pro CS2 = $150
  • Insight CTS2 to Insight Pro CTS2 = $150
  • Evolution to Insight Pro = $200


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