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Mileage Coach was designed with fuel economy in mind! The all-new features help drivers gauge, monitor, and conserve fuel. Now with the CS2 and CTS2, you can easily see your driving habits with the brand new Mileage Coach screen.

How does it work? When your driving pattern is ideal you’ll notice green leaves appear on the Mileage Coach screen and your indicator bar will shift to the green side of the gauge, representing “GOOD.” A heavy foot, steep incline, or anything leading to less than ideal fuel mileage will shift the indicator to the red side of the screen meaning “POOR”. You’ll also notice the leaves turning red when your fuel economy falls below your calculated average MPG. The screen images change colors and indicator bar moves on the screen to simply give a visual on your current driving and lets you know when you need to improve to be more efficient.

Features Include:

  • New Mileage Coach Screen Layout
  • Mileage Parameters to monitor
  • Trip Monitor (Monitors fuel cost on trips)
  • MPG Calculator
  • Fuel Saving Driving Tips including:
  • Idling
  • Weather
  • Cruise Control
  • Cargo/Towing
  • Excessive Speed
  • ETC

How can I get this? If you own a CS2 or CTS2 (Insight, Evolution, or Attitude) monitor you will need to do a simple update through Edge’s Fusion Software. Download the Fusion Software from the Updates section at, if you haven’t already, open the software up, and plug your CS2 or CTS2 into the computer with the supplied USB cable. At that point Fusion will let you know updates are available and ask if you would like to install them. Tell Fusion “yes” you want to install them and the new Mileage Coach features will be added to your device. Once the update is complete you can bring the device back to your vehicle, plug it in, and power it up. Once you have it powered up, click the menu button on the CS2 or the button drag up icon on the CTS2 to see the menu options. Click on the Mileage Coach item and read the screens that appear. This will walk you through the process of setting up the Mileage Coach. Once you have read the screens and set up the Mileage Coach you can now use the new Mileage Coach screen to monitor your driving and improve your MPGs.

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