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Did you we offer a whole host of upgrades for the gas trucks. Our gas truck products offer impressive power gains and performance for towing, improved throttle response, increased mileage, and just all-around daily driving.

Check out our products, like the Evolution CTS2, for your gas truck. The Evolution CTS2 will provide performance to help eliminate downshifting, hold your RPMs up when towing over hills, or squeeze that extra mileage out of your fuel, all while monitoring your vehicle’s vital parameters.

Maybe you added larger tires and you have lost some performance and your speedo is off. The EvoHT2 could be a great option for you. Gain the lost performance, after you added those new styling tires, and adjust your speedo so you drive past the state trooper with the assurance your on-dash speed is correct.

Looking for more out of your gas truck with the addition of a new performance tuner? Check out our offerings of the Hooker/Black Heart exhaust systems. Hooker continues to push the boundaries of performance with the BlackHeart line of exhaust products. Build your own performance package by selecting the performance tuner from Edge and add one of these powerful exhaust systems for unmatched performance gains.

Coming soon to the gas lineup will be our new Jammer Cold-Air Intakes with new Stage 1 Performance Kits. Stay tuned and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest product releases.

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