Evolution CTS3 2019-2022 GM 1500

Evolution CTS3 with ECM/TCM Locksmith

We’ve been offering tuning for the 2019-2022 GM 1500 gas trucks for a couple years now with our ECM Send-in process, but now we’re excited to announce revolutionary in-vehicle unlocking and flashing. Bringing to market a true ECM/TCM unlock hardware, the Edge Evolution CTS3 (sku 85452-K) offers ECM and TCM unlocking with the inclusion of the all-new Locksmith tool. That’s right! Gone are the days of removing and shipping your ECM or TCM out to enable flashing capabilities! Our Evolution CTS3 comes pre-loaded with performance tuning for the 5.3L and 6.2L V8 applications and extends to the 8-speed and 10-speed transmissions. This is unlike anything else on the market, with technology and simple processes our competitors didn’t think was possible. Evolutions CTS3 offers a complete plug and play flash tuning solution for 2019-2022 GM 1500 truck owners.

8 & 10-speed Transmission Tuning

As an industry first, our in-vehicle TCM Unlock process makes this the most cost effective and easiest way to get that 8-speed or 10-speed transmission to shift like it should've from the factory. Our calibrations engineers spent hundreds of hours perfecting our transmission tunes to offer excellent power transfer to the wheels to improve acceleration, mileage and overall drivability. With adjustments to shift points, line pressure, and even torque converter lock-up you'll be amazed at how much better your 5.3L or 6.2L 10-speed truck will drive.

Customize Your Calibrations

  • Calibrate speedometer for larger tires
  • Disable your Active and Dynamic Fuel Management system (Keep it in V8 mode all the time)
  • Disable your Engine Auto Start/Stop system
  • Adjust TPMS Warning Thresholds
  • Remember your Last Drive Mode on Start Up (Stays in Sport Mode)
  • Throttle Boost Feature allows you to set pedal sensitivity
  • Disable your Top Speed Limiter
  • Adjust Rev Limiter in Park/Neutral

With Evolution CTS3 we give you the control to fine tune our pre-loaded tuning to best fit your driving needs. Before flashing our calibrations into your truck, make tweaks and changes to on-board features that fit your driving style and modifications best.

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    Evolution CTS3 2019-2022 GM 1500

    Evolution CTS3 Tuner for 2019-2022 GM 1500 5.3/6.2