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It’s the middle of Summer and the Northwest Dyno Circuit is under full swing with events ranging from Denver, Colorado, and the Diesels on the Mountain, in Canada for BDS days, and now in Worland, Wyoming at the Second Annual Dyno Competition for Diesel Pickup Specialists, also known as DPS.

DPS was founded in 2001 in a small, single bay shop, and by 2007 DPS had outgrown the original location and relocated to a larger facility, more capable of handling their growing business. Part of their commitment to the diesel industry and the diesel sports was to become involved with the NWDC.

This year was the Second Annual Dyno Competition and it drew a much larger crowd than the previous year.

“We had about 50 trucks run on the dyno. Millard’s truck was there, Baca from Industrial Injection, the Cat-A-Max, and Mykel Baugh’s truck Old Grey was dynoed, as well,” according to Natasha Brooks, service writer for Diesel Pickup Specialists.

“We definitely had more people this year than last year. We had over 300 people this year. This year we dynoed more trucks than last year by at least 50. We had people come from Salt Lake City, and from all over Wyoming and Montana, including the Northwest Dyno Crew from Idaho.”

Some of the big names of the circuit were present, including Shawn Baca from Industrial Injection who came up from Utah to support the NWDC and DPS’s event, Dmitri Millard of No Zone Diesel, the Cat-A-Max truck, and many more. Millard had a great run on the dyno but still hasn’t broken the 2,000 horsepower barrier yet.

Also at the event was Old Grey, a ’98 Ram 2500. From the previous year’s event, the truck had received some extra attention and had a few upgrades, including a new transmission rebuild, with

“We had a bunch of vendors that donated prizes and awards for the event.”

According to Brandon Pierce of the Northwest Dyno Circuit, “We had an awesome turnout! We dynoed well over 50 trucks and continued until past 8 PM. We were very impressed for a town boasting a population of 5,000.”

“We are definitely pleased with partnering with the Northwest Dyno Circuit,” Brooks said. “We had a larger turnout than last year, and we expect that next year will continue to grow.”

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