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There's no denying the excitement of witnessing live motorsports. This is especially true when the events are sponsored by professional associations such as the National Hot Rod Diesel Association. The 2015 NHRDA Big Sky Truck Fest was one of the most exciting events of the year because there are so many amazing attractions.

Big Sky Truck Fest With the NHRDA

The NHRDA is the official organization of real gear heads and those who adore motorsports. These events appeal to fans who are obsessed with speed and seeing the world's fastest vehicles on display. The Big Sky Truck Fest gives patrons the opportunity to see the speed and power of amazing pickup trucks. These unique vehicles compete in everything from traditional drag racing to entertaining sled pulls as they race to determine the world's best. There were also burnout contests at this year's event, but the highlight for true adrenaline junkies was the Dyno section of the event. This is a genre of motorsports that truly pushes the limits of automotive capabilities.

What is "Dyno"

Dyno tuning refers to a specific way of tuning an engine to achieve its maximum potential. However, when this type of tuning is combined with some of the most creative minds in the industry, an entire new genre of motorsports is created. These vehicles could possibly pull up next to you in traffic. Big shocks, bit tires, and big engines, big HP define the trucks in this class of motorsports. The foremost experts in the genre is the Northwest Dyno Circuit, an organization dedicated to promoting people's knowledge of all things Dyno.

Jurassic Spark

In the world of motorsports, nothing is more intimidating than a truck. The big grills, huge and intimidating power are enough to make anyone's blood pressure rise. However, combining the power of a truck with the sheer ferocity of a bad monster like a dinosaur creates a spectacle that must be seen to be appreciated. The 2015 Big Sky Truck Fest saw some of the most amazing trucks congregate in Montana for a show of pure ingenuity. One of the more notable attendees to this year's event was the legendary Swamp Ass. This monster is a living, breathing look at the days of the dinosaurs. A traditional big rig has been customized to resemble a menacing predator from a lost era. The hood of this big green machine is fashioned to resemble a snarling beast as onlookers can even catch a glimpse of the motor. This is one of Welderup's most interesting creations, though they're also known for their Rat rods. Other noteworthy attendees include G&J Diesel and Industrial Injection. The latter demonstrated a 154.92 MPH quarter mile. Even for drag racing, this is an incredible achievement, which is why people love drag racing so dearly.

Drag Racing's Finest

This year's drag racing events certainly provided excitement for everyone in attendance. However, Ken Kraus showed dominance rarely seen at these world-class races. Mr. Kraus turned in first-place honors for Top Diesel Winner, Top Diesel #1 Qualifying, Low ET, and Top Speed. The Pro stock races were dominated by Jarid Vollmer, who competed in a 1941 Willys. Volmer was also the drag racing pro street winner in a 2006 Dodge. Rob Coddens took top honors in the Super Street competition, and Verlon Southwick won the Super Diesel. This was one of the more exciting drag race competitions in a while, but nothing demonstrates the power of a truck like a sled pull.

Pulling the Sled to Show Your Strength

Most people drive pickups for the additional utility, which is on full display during the sled pull. The 2015 Super Stock sled pulling competition was won by Jason Stott of Rock Springs, Wyoming. Another Wyoming native, Ed Boyles, took second place in this event while Jeremie Jorgson of Billings, Montana took third.

This year's Big Sky Truck Fest was the most memorable so far, and next year promises to be even better. All truck lovers should attend this event at least once, to see these vehicles pushed to their limits. Fortunately, gear heads have a full year to let their adrenaline levels return to normal before this event kicks off again next year.


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