4" Diesel Exhausts now 50% off!

We're overstock on diesel exhausts and you're going to be the one to benefit from it. All Power Stroke, Duramax, and Cummins exhaust systems, whether they're turbo back, cat-back, or DPF back are now 50% while supplies last. Jammer exhaust offer unmatched fitment with improved exhaust flow and EGT control, making them the perfect upgrade for your diesel truck. Made of top quality stainless steel and using our Jammer muffler you get an incredible sounds without that dreaded drone in the cab. A good diesel exhaust system offers you sound, quality, and performance. With the all-new Edge Jammer exhaust does all that with the one design for your truck. Don’t wonder if the cheaper solutions like aluminized metals are right for you. The new Jammer exhaust is 100% Stainless Steel for the longevity of your truck. For all out power, towing improvements, better throttle response, and improved mileage Edge’s Jammer exhaust system give your truck that extra improve you need. Jammer exhaust was designed to minimize backpressure giving your motor more clean air. By reducing back pressure you allow the hot air to escape faster reducing exhaust gas temperatures and keep the motor running more efficient.
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    Exhaust Systems

    Edge Jammer Exhaust is the best value in diesel performance! Our 4" Stainless Steel Exhaust systems are available as Cat-Back, Turbo-Back, and DPF-Back to accommodate all forms of diesel enthusiasts!