Ten Things That You'll Love About Edge Insight CTS3 For Your Duramax


Ten Things That You'll Love About Edge Insight CTS3 For Your Duramax


By Jefferson Bryant

If you own a 3/4- to 1-ton 2500/3500 series Duramax-powered GM truck, then you need to know about the Insight CTS3 from Edge. This is not a tuner module and it does not alter the ECM tune at all. Instead, it gives you the ability to control a whole host of parameters on your Silverado or Sierra without voiding the warranty. In fact, that is Reason #10 why it is awesome! Let’s dive in on why the Insight CTS3 is so great.

#10: No Warranty Issues

Insight CTS3 "Warranty"

Unlike a lot of tuners, the CTS3 doesn’t actually modify the ECM. This means that there are no changes made to the ECM, so you don’t have to worry about removing your Insight CTS3 every time you have to take your truck in to the dealer. Whether you need service or are just enjoying the free oil changes, there’s no worries.

#9: Easy Installation

Insight CTS A-Pillar Mount

Is plug-n-play fast enough for you? And when we say plug-n-play, we mean it. The Insight CTS3 plugs in to the OBD-II port. Done. You can use one of several methods to mount the screen to the dash/windshield depending on your make and model. The unit comes with a suction cup mount for the windshield, but you can opt for one of the many options available for hard-mounting the display so that you can keep your windshield clear and the wiring tidy. This way, you don’t have to take your eyes off the road to get a glance at what it happening with the engine.

#8: EAS System And Add-On Components


You can add all kinds of additional components, including a back-up camera (great for using when towing a trailer or to see through a blind spot), extra EGT sensors, turbo timer, pressure sensors, temp sensors, even power switches to power up compressors, lights, etc. The EAS system is also plug-n-play for stupid-easy installation.

#8: EAS System And Add-On Components

There are many reasons to start a data log of your engine’s operating specs, and unlike plug-in tuners or scanners, the Insight CTS3 has the ability built right into it. All you have to do is swipe down from the top of the screen, hit the little red dot and the Insight CTS3 instantly starts recording every monitored aspect of your engine. Should your engine start to stumble or you want to save a log of how your truck reacts to pulling a max-capacity load, creating a data log is as easy as hitting the "record" button.

#6: Off-Road Level

Chevrolet Silverado off-roading

Chances are good that most Duramax owners aren’t crawling rocky trails, giving Jeep owners something to think about. But in case you needed a little peace of mind, the CTS3 offers a pitch and roll G-meter screen that you can use to monitor how close you are to putting the shiny side down on the ground where it doesn't belong.

#5: Tuner Control

Insight CTS3 and Pulsar

The Insight CTS3 is not a tuner, but when packaged with the Edge Pulsar piggy-back tuner module, you can unlock tuning controls. Without the Insight CTS3, the Pulsar uses steering wheel controls (specifically the Cruise buttons) to change features. With the Insight CTS3, there is no need to turn off cruise control just to make a quick, on-the-fly adjustment. Just simply touch the screen and you have access to every single parameter that the Pulsar can adjust.

#4: Performance Measurements

Insight CTS3 Performance Metrics

So how fast is your truck, anyway? Lots of people like to brag about 0-60 or ¼-mile times, but have never even been on a track. Even if your truck will never see a strip (or only sees the pit roads), you can know exactly how quickly it will hit 60 from a standing start thanks to Insight CTS3’s performance meter. 0-60, 1/8-mile, and ¼-mile are available in the screen with no other sensors required. It even has a cool little Christmas Tree staging light for a bit of the real feeling.

#3: Gauges

Insight CTS3 Gauges

This is why you bought the Insight CTS3 in the first place, right? Not only can you monitor every possible parameter, you can build your own gauge layout to show what you want and not waste space with parameters you don’t care to monitor regularly. There are several pre-made layouts, or you can show all the parameters at once. This way you can clearly monitor the EGTs and regen modes of your truck. L5P Duramax engines tend to regen about every 250 miles, and the process knocks your fuel economy down. When you see that the DPF is warming up and the EGTs are in the 4-figure heat range, you’ll know a regen is happening.

A side-note for the Insight CTS3 for L5P Duramax: this unit is suitable for an in-dash display for an L5P swap, so if you have swapped a Duramax into whatever you might want to swap one in to, the Insight CTS3 is all you need to monitor the engine, and you have control you otherwise would not have without a laptop.

#2: DTC Code Reader

Insight CTS3 check engine light

Nobody wants to see the “Check Engine” light lit up brightly on the dash, but when that cursed little warning strikes, you want to know what the issue is right now. With a quick swipe on the screen, you can instantly read the code, see what the issue may be, and then just as quickly clear it. That alone is the worth the price of the Insight CTS3.

#1: Manual Regeneration Mode

Insight CTS3 Manual Regeneration

Most people probably never have to deal with a manual regeneration, but if your diesel truck can’t complete a regen in five or six attempts, the system will place your truck into limp mode until you do a manual regeneration. You can use the Insight CTS3 to do a manual regeneration wherever you are able to perform one. Yes, the truck will sound like a Harrier a moment before it is about to launch, but compared to taking your truck to a shop to get a manual regeneration done, you can expect to pay between $300-$800 bucks. One shop regeneration equals the cost of the Insight CTS3 unit, and you get all the extra stuff attached…and you don’t have to throw money at the dealership, which is always a bonus. That’s why this is the top reason to buy the Insight CTS3. It provides you all of the control over your truck that you need.


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