Edge EZX Unlocks Unrivaled Performance And Feature Flexability For Ram And Ford Diesel Owners


Edge EZX Unlocks Unrivaled Performance And Feature Flexability For Ram And Ford Diesel Owners


For over two decades, Edge Products’ EZ tuner has proven itself as a simple and reliable means for Dodge Ram owners to add power to their 1998-2007 5.9L Cummins diesel-powered trucks. Now comes the EZX module, a completely new way not only to tune late-model, 6.7L Ram Cummins and Ford Power Stroke diesel engines for more power and better drivability on the fly, but to also unlock a stack of convenience features without permanent changes to the vehicle or its engine control module (ECM).

“Technology has advanced rapidly since we developed the EZ tuner,” says Edge Products brand manager, Jacob White. “We wanted to release something similar for the newer trucks that incorporated the latest, smartphone app-based technology. The EZX is for owners who are looking for better drivability from their truck without worrying about hurting their drivetrain.”

EZX was launched in December 2022 for the 2019-22 Ram applications with the Cummins engine; a version for the 2017-19 Ford Power Stroke followed in early 2023. Coverage will be extended to 2020-22 Power Stroke Fords later this year.

In all cases, the device uses a supplied wiring harness and factory-style connectors to plug into under-hood sensors for common-rail fuel injection pressure, mass airflow and manifold absolute pressure (MAP). Moving into the cabin, the harness connects the EZX module to the accelerator pedal position sensor and the vehicle’s CAN bus line, which enables EZX to provide a wide range of vehicle adjustments and convenience features alongside better engine performance. All controls are accessed via the convenience of your Apple iPhone or Google Android smartphone or the truck’s cruise-control buttons.

Adjustments to the fuel-rail curves and boost curves result in five selectable power levels that add up to 60 horsepower and 130 lb-ft of torque in the Ram Cummins application or up to 63 horsepower and 108 lb-ft of torque for the Ford Power Stroke. But White reckons it’s the drivability and fuel-economy improvements that drivers will notice the most.

“If you’re happy with the way the truck drives, now, you’ll be even happier with how it responds with an EZX installed,” he says. “Newer trucks make great power and torque from the factory but have some pedal and turbo lag built in. EZX customers who use their trucks as daily drivers or tow regularly will appreciate improved acceleration from a stop, or easier overtaking on the highway when they’re pulling a load. And because we’re adjusting the rail pressure, we unlock better fuel economy. During testing, Edge recorded 10-20% improvements in fuel mileage while towin

No less welcome are the functions enabled by access to the vehicle’s CAN bus network. The speedometer can be recalibrated for increased tire sizes, for example as part of a leveling or lift kit. The feature is available on both Ram and Ford versions but will be particularly welcome to Ford owners who, for the first time, can now calibrate for tire sizes beyond 35 inches.

“Going beyond a 35-inch tire with flash tuning will trigger check engine codes,” notes White. “That’s been a frustration for Ford owners because some models already come from the factory with a 34-inch tire. With the way that we’re interpreting the CAN bus signal in the EZX, we can calibrate the speedometer for up to 50-inch tires on the Fords. No one’s been able to do that before.”

Other functions include adjustment of TPMS settings, calibration for new gear ratios, manually triggering a regeneration of the diesel particulate filter (DPF), enabling fog lights with high beams and – for Ram applications only, due to limitations in the Ford CAN bus access – remembering your previous exhaust brake and tow/haul settings on engine start-up.

Also on the Ram version, drivers can maximize turbo and engine life by setting a timer to let it cool down after a demanding drive. The engine will stay running after you shut the truck off and remove the key for a specified amount of time or until a specified exhaust gas temperature (EGT) is reached. Like the rest of EZX’s features, the turbo timer is easily configured in the smartphone app and displayed on the factory gauge cluster. EGTs may also be monitored on the optional Insight CTS3 display, especially when towing, as can coolant and transmission temperatures.

“Around 50% of our customers are opting for the CTS3 monitor kit with their EZX purchase,” reports White. “Anytime you’re towing, we always suggest keeping an eye on your exhaust gas temperatures for peace of mind. But in the way EZX works, we’re accounting for any added fuel with airflow adjustments. In our testing, we haven’t seen any major difference in EGTs and the soot accumulation is similar to stock, so the DPF regen frequency stays pretty much unchanged, too.”

As usual, Edge put the EZX through a thorough program of in-house testing and customer beta testing during its 12-month development process. Owners who were supplied with a prototype module were only given the standard installation instructions, to ensure that the process (around 35 minutes for Ram, 20 minutes for Ford) is clearly explained in the documentation. Edge has also created easy-to-follow installation videos to help drivers to quickly get up and running with their EZX module.

One piece of feedback from the user testing related to the EZX’s throttle booster, which provides adjustable pedal sensitivity within each power level. Ram owners expressed a wish for an even more sensitive pedal, resulting in a change to the most aggressive pedal setting. Since then, Edge has further responded to customer comments by adding a seventh setting to the module’s original six.

About half of the EZX customers so far have opted to include a CTS3 monitor kit with their purchase. Keeping an eye on your truck's systems (and especially EGTs during towing) is never a bad idea!

The move highlights the flexibility of the EZX’s app-based platform. The initial purchase provides access to any subsequent improvements or new features added during the lifetime of the product. In the event of an update, the app lets the user know it’s ready for download. When you next turn the ignition on and connect your phone to the truck, the app will then use Bluetooth to update the module under the hood to the latest calibration.

With a familiar smartphone interface and a set of capabilities Edge believes is not currently found in competitor products, the Ogden, UT-made EZX provides an easily accessible means of tuning and personalizing a modern diesel truck. In some cases, it’s also a cheaper and less complex alternative to flash tuning, which in the very latest trucks means overcoming the additional barrier of a locked ECM. EZX is already proving popular with 2022 Ram Cummins owners for this reason, but in all cases, installing the module has the advantage of being completely reversible. EZX provides peace of mind by being easily removed for dealer work, enabling the truck to be returned to stock configuration without a lasting record that it was there – but can of course be quickly reinstalled afterward.

Edge believes it’s a winning formula and is already developing new derivatives of the EZX to widen its vehicle coverage. In addition to the upcoming module for 2020 and newer Ford Power Stroke trucks, in the medium term we can expect to see versions for 2013-18 Ram Cummins models, for Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator 3.0L EcoDiesels and even for some turbocharged gas applications, such as the F-150 EcoBoost and Bronco EcoBoost V6s.


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