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Thank you for arranging delivery of my Juice Platinum. I have a 2004 Ford F-350 turbo diesel and could not wait to get it in. My father and I installed it the next day. Ironically, it was a weekday and my dad had commitmnets that evening and told me we had one hour, period.
I installed the Evolution on my '06 Ford (in less than a half hour) and wanted to let you know how pleased I am. This is an awesome product that REALLY delivers! Thanks again for making a great product that is easy to install and delivers on its promise.
I just installed the Evolution on my '06 Ford-150 Super cab along with a Flowmaster dual 50 series exhaust and cold-air intake system. What an unbelievable power difference - 7.5 0-60 on wet pavement! I would recommend the Evolution to all my friends. Thanks for hooking me up with such a great product. Looking forward to new updates.
I have the EZ for the 2001 Dodge. Before I purchased it I was getting only 15.7 miles per gallon; now I am getting any where from 19.5 to 21.5 mpg regardless of whether or not I'm towing. I love the extra power and intend on purchasing the Juice with Attitude module soon.
I installed your product in my 2005 Ram Cummims and all I can say is wow. My co-worker always wanted to race me in his F-350 with other competitors electronics before I had Juice. I let him drive my truck with Edge's help after and he never again asked me to race. Thanks!
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