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Testers Wanted
Vehicles Needed
If you are an owner of (or know someone who is an owner of) one of the vehicles listed below, we would appreciate your support in developing our next product application. In order to develop the best electronic performance products, we need customers to drive with our products installed in order to test them. Please read through the following sections to see if you meet testing criteria and would like to participate.

For allowing us to test product on your vehicle, we will sell you the unit at a discount. Once testing has been completed, we will update your unit to ensure it is current with the finalized version, and return it to you.

Testing Procedures
During the testing process, we will be in constant communication with you to try to understand how the product performs and if you have any concerns or feedback for us. For every new product that is developed, we go through two testing phases: alpha and beta. An alpha test is a local (within 25 miles of Edge’s facilities in Ogden, Utah) test to generate initial feedback. After alpha testing is complete, we make any necessary changes and move to a beta test, which is a nationwide test to see how our products perform in different elevations and climate regions.

Length of Testing
The length of testing time varies depending on the product that is tested and is usually decided by where we are in the development process for that particular unit.

Condition of Your Vehicle
Before you test, we ask you several questions concerning the condition of your vehicle, including:
  • How is your vehicle running (e.g., no check engine lights, no burning oil etc)?

  • Have you made any engine or other modifications (e.g., injectors, oversized tires, etc.)?

  • If it is a gas vehicle, what octane fuel do you run?

It is important that your vehicle be in prime operating condition before we test.

Vehicle Not Listed?
If your vehicle is not listed in this section, it may already have a product developed for it and may already be for sale. Or it may be a vehicle project in the near future. Let us know what type of vehicle you have, the type of performance you’re looking for, and what you’d like it to do by contacting us at betatesters@edgeproducts.com.

Important Note
Testers are chosen on a first-come first-served basis. Additionally, testing requires long lead times. Therefore, after you have submitted your information, it may take 1-2 months before we contact you.
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